Palm Pilot IIIxe IttyMIDI File Player

The Palm Pilot IIIxe with IttyMIDI, acts as a MIDI file player. MIDI songs created on the PC are stored on the Palm and IttyMIDI plays them. I have made a simple MIDI out cable that connects to the 9-pin serial connector of the Palm cradle. IttyMIDI can play 0 and 1 files. Unfortunately, there's still no MIDI file player for the Palm or PocketPC able to drive a MIDI interface/patchbay directly. If this were possible, it would mean that you can send 16 MIDI channels to each port of the Interface. Currently, you have 16 channels for all ports without the possibility to route the data through the MIDI software, like you can on any PC MIDI sequencer.

Palm Serial to MIDI OUT cable

It is very easy to make a Serial to MIDI OUT cable for the Palm Pilot. You only need a 5 pin 180(o) male DIN plug, a 9 pin male D-SUB connector, a 220 ohm resistor and a standard low power diode for which I used the commonly available 1N4148. It is also possible to use a 5 pin female DIN connector, when you would like to connect it to other standard male-to-male MIDI cables, just use the same PIN numbers noted on the connector. Make sure you place the diode in the right direction (see picture), when reversed it will not work. The connectors are shown from the solder side.